Boiler Heat Meter Check 

To ensure you are receiving the correct RHI tariff payments, our engineers can check the conformity and operation of your boiler heat meter.

Our engineers will assess the heat meter installation, particularly its location in the pipework, and the positioning of the flow and return temperature sensors. Our engineers will check record the output in kilowatts per hour (kWh).

BOILER combustion optimisation

To guarantee your biomass system is operating efficiently, our engineers can check and amend the combustion parameters of your biomass boiler.

By cautiously running your biomass boiler up through each of the combustion phases, our skilled engineers will ensure your biomass boiler is achieving the most efficient and cleanest burn for your chosen wood fuel.


To ensure continuing combustion efficiencies and the safe operation of your biomass system, we insist that your flue is inspected and swept, prior to your Full service(s). Our accredited engineers can undertake this for you.

Scheduled on a date in line with your Full service, our engineers will remove all harmful deposits and obstructions, report on any defects and complete a flue draught test.

FUEL STORE cleaning & inspection

In addition to your flue clean, we additionally recommend a fuel store clean and inspection at least once per year to prevent excessive dust accumulation and to ensure the correct operation of ancillary equipment in the fuel store.

We can offer you a specialist cleaning service regardless of your fuel store shape and size. Our engineers, trained in confined space, working at height and the safe use of specialist equipment procedures, will remove any residues and raw materials, clean all major components, including any fuel level monitoring equipment and report on any defects.

SMS Text Monitoring 

With an SMS Test Monitoring System you can receive instant text notifications regarding the status of your biomass boiler and heating system. The system can send a range of programmable text messages, tailored precisely to your biomass heating system faults and alarms, to up to 5 different mobile numbers of your choosing.

To ensure your peace of mind and continual operation of the SMS Text Monitoring, a battery pack back-up module is supplied to provide you with up to 24hrs of operation in the event of a power failure.

Additional configurable digital inputs can be added to the unit if you wish to allow further monitoring of your auxiliary boilers, hydraulic components and fuel store.

Why not let us take the strain?  Our highly skilled technical engineers can receive your fault and alarm notifications and immediately follow a fault procedure, pre- agreed by you.  This may be a phone call to yourself or your site operative or a visit to your site by one of our trained biomass engineers.

Remote Monitoring & optimisation SYSTEM

By With a Remote Monitoring and Optimisation System you can access a data visualisation tool that will give you complete visibility and control of your biomass  system 24/7 and in real time.

The user-friendly, online dashboard allows you to analyse live and historical kWh generation and usage data for each heat meter and view the biomass boiler controller interface. What’s more, the tool is cloud based so it is extremely fast and can be accessed via a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. 

  • Analyse the performance of your biomass boiler with views on energy, temperature, flow rates and volume data directly from your heat meter.
  • Create bespoke reports, charts and comparisons to be exported to Microsoft Excel and PDF
  • Proactively monitor your system with notifications and alarms. 
  • Modify biomass boiler processes and parameters via the biomass boiler controller interface
  • Evaluate fossil fuel boiler usage vs. biomass boiler usage.
  • Calculate carbon savings.

Should you require an operational review of your biomass boiler, or you are introducing new biomass fuel, one of our trained engineers can attend your site to re-commission your biomass boiler, selecting the most appropriate boiler parameters and combustion settings.

Additional Boiler Commissioning


Should a trained biomass operator leave your organisation, or you would like more trained biomass operators to look after your biomass system, we can provide specific onsite operator training.

Our training engineer can train up to 5 individuals at one time, and will demonstrate the general operation and navigation of the biomass boiler menu, explain the operating instructions and regular maintenance checks, and show how to quickly clear faults and restart the biomass boiler.

Your biomass boiler will operate most efficiently with fuel classified within the British Standard EN 14961-4. We can help ensure your fuel supply meets this specification by identifying and contacting fuel suppliers in your local area, on your behalf.

We will work tirelessly with our fuel partners to guarantee the most appropriate and economic fuel supply for your biomass system. Please call 0203 189 0663 for further information.


If you are unsure of the condition and operation of your biomass boiler, we can thoroughly investigate your biomass system. Our engineer will take photos, collate data, measure issues and find faults.

If we can resolve any issues found on site, our engineers will undertake the works in the time remaining. If additional parts or more time is required, our engineers will submit all data to our Head Office and compile a brief report.

This report will include a recommendation of remedial actions required and all costs involved.

Condition & Operation Report


We provide a range of one-off services, as seen above, but you can access more competitive rates and discounts within our biomass service and maintenance contracts.

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