There are two crucial factors that will help guarantee that your biomass boiler runs efficiently and delivers the savings on heating costs you expected and the RHI income you planned for. 

1. Quality fuel
2. Regular service by qualified engineers

If your fuel supplier and your service company can work together, then your biomass boiler will perform optimally.

biomass wood pellet supply

Myriad Plantroom Services have recently increased our service offering to include the supply of wood pellets.

We offer a one-stop-shop service for all biomass boiler owners and we believe supplying both fuel and maintenance will provide the most trouble-free operation for our customers.
MPS are committed to meeting all your fuel requirements. We have a comprehensive distribution network which means we can guarantee a reliable supply of pellets, when you need it, at a competitive price.

We consistently supply the highest quality pellet fuel that is sustainably sourced, which will maximise the performance of your heating systems and minimise down-time.

By supplying your fuel and providing your service requirements, Myriad will make sure your biomass heating systems run smoothly & perform to their full potential.


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