Questions about our company and how we can help biomass boiler owners and intermediaries.



What does Myriad Plantroom Services do?


MPS provides service, maintenance and repair works for a range of heating systems and technologies across the UK. We work directly for end-users and in partnership with renewable energy installers and facilities maintenance providers.


Where does Myriad Plantroom Services operate?

MPS operates throughout England, Wales and Scotland; we boost a growing UK wide network of trained and accredited engineers meaning we have an engineer local to you.  


Why should I choose Myriad Plantroom Services?

  • Long and reputable track record in biomass (14 years in the industry)

  • Level of training excellence (we train other companies)

  • Comprehensive and thorough service and maintenance visits (our Full Service visits includes a 65 point check of the biomass boiler)

  • Industry leading proactive and preventative approach to maintenance.

  • RHI payment guarantee (with 5*+ service and maintenance packages) – we take responsibility for our work


What accreditations does Myriad Plantroom Services have?

MPS holds a number of Accreditations, certifications and awards.  See our accreditations and awards.


What experience does Myriad Plantroom Services have?

MPS has over 14 years’ experience providing post-commissioning service and maintenance services to our customers. All our engineers are trained and accredited and have a vast experience in a wide range of boiler and heating system technologies. Currently we provide support to more than 450 installations across the UK.


What training is available from Myriad Plantroom Services?

MPS offer a detailed training programme to certify external engineers. Our courses cover product knowledge, technical design, product install and assembly and full service and maintenance procedures.