By installing a live remote monitoring solution that integrates into your biomass boiler system you can easily track your boiler’s heat generation and consumption, allowing you to optimise your heating system and react quickly to any issue or fault.

Our remote monitoring systems can easily be retrofitted to your existing biomass heating system by one of our experienced and highly skilled engineers.

We offer 3 different remote monitoring packages tailored to suit your requirements and your biomass heating system.

Hardwired Ethernet Cable

With a hardwired CAT 5 RJ45 Ethernet Cable from your network router to your biomass boiler controller, you will have access to remotely view your biomass boiler anywhere, anytime.

Our VNC viewer can be accessed via your PC, Tablet or Smartphone (third party app required)and gives you a simple, user-friendly interface which matches the controller directly in your biomass boiler.

This controller has a convenient menu and simple screen layout to allow you to evaluate and analyse your heating system and make easy adjustments to optimise certain processes and parameters.


With a SMS Text Monitoring System you can receive instant text notifications regarding the status of your biomass boiler and heating system.

The system can send a range of programmable text messages, tailored precisely to your biomass heating system faults and alarms, to up to 5 different mobile numbers of your choosing.

To ensure your peace of mind and continual operation of the SMS Text Monitoring, a battery pack back-up module is supplied to provide you with 12-24hrs of operation in the event of a power failure.

Additional configurable digital inputs can be added to the unit if you so wish to allow further monitoring of your auxiliary boilers, hydraulic components and fuel store.


With a Remote Monitoring and Optimisation System you can access a data visualisation tool that will give you complete visibility and control of your biomass system 24/7 and in real time.

The user-friendly, online dashboard allows you to analyse live and historical kWh generation and usage data for each heat meter and view the biomass boiler controller interface.

What’s more the tool is cloud based so it is extremely fast and can be accessed via a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Analyse the performance of your biomass boiler with views on energy, temperature, flow rates and volume data directly from your heat meter.
  • Create bespoke reports, charts and comparisons to be exported to Microsoft Excel and PDF.
  • Proactively monitor your system with notifications and alarms.
  • Modify biomass boiler processes and parameters via the biomass boiler controller interface.
  • Evaluate fossil fuel boiler usage vs biomass boiler usage.
  • Calculate carbon savings.


There are a range of optional extras available to add to your remote energy management contract.


Remotely collectiong kWh data from your heat meter allows for the effective calculation of the amount of fuel remaining in your fuel store, with no additional remote monitoring hardware required.

  • Graphical representation of your daily fuel usage
  • Quickly view your fuel level as a percentage of fuel remaining
  • Predict the amount of fuel left in your fuel store by calculating the average usage
  • Set alarms to notify you via text or email when your fuel store reaches a pre-selected level


Accurate meter readings across multiple heat meters will ensure you never miss an RHI payment.

The automatic RHI statements sent directly to you every quarter can be uploaded, without the need for modification, straight to OFGEM.


Achieve full control of your biomass installation by connecting additional heat and gas meters to your remote monitoring package. An additional 7 heat meters can be added to your package and viewed simultaneously on the online dashboard.


Additional digital inputs from auxiliary boilers, fuel level sensors and hydraulic components can easily be connected into your remote monitoring and optimisation package.

Tailored alarms will notify you of their status and faults meaning you can know the status of your biomass heating system 24/7

Example of digital inputs include:
  • High/low capacitive fuel sensors in your wood pellet of chip store
  • Load cell bag silo weighing system
  • Back-up gas boilers
  • Flow and return pumps in your biomass heating system


Individually tailored reports can be sent directly to you every week to update you on the ongoing operation of your biomass system.

These simple, yet effective reports display the parameters most important to you and as such are perfect for reviewing the status of your biomass system.
For further information on the additional options available, give us a call on 0203 189 0666.